ZOR the FireBender

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ZOR the FireBender

  • Act category: SPECIALITY & VARIETY ACT
  • Act sub-category: Fire Performers , Stilt Walkers ,
  • Act location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • Created on: 3rd August 2018


In a raging spectacle, I wield flaming Swords, DragonStaffs and ballnchains to spin intricately woven circles of Fire, while eating Fire in a very cool spin of martial arts and tribal dance. It is unusually breathtaking and immediately captivates you with a beautiful, reverent showmanship. This is not just another fireeating sideshow, its alot of Fire! It is a unique experience I've crafted to pull people out of the mundane mind, take them on a journey into their own unknown, and leave them breathless or roaring with new ideas of whats possible in their world. At least thats what people have been saying. It's about 20min, and can be all at once or broken up into 5-10 min sets; nightly ongoing, solo or as a troupe, or even a massive scale Fire-in-the-Sky on a 40' Tower!I can also do walkabout Fire-eating vignettes thru the mingling crowd before or aftershow to "fire em up" as they see the purple flame vortex in my throat up close and personal! As well, I can be a PanDragon Stiltcreature, a 9' silent stiltwalking character who playfully engages the unwary human.

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