Find your entertainment or get gigs on Entertainer.Work

  • 1. Create your profile

    In order for you to be visible on Entertainer.Work it is crucial to upload a complete profile of yourself and your act(s). What is your specialty? Your experience? What are you looking for?

  • 2. Search for gigs and send your quotation

    By using the search criteria you can browse Entertainer.Work for suitable gigs. If you find an interesting gig, simply send your quotation and if the poster is interested, they will be in touch!

  • 3. Receive enquiries for gigs

    Companies/people with an employer profile on Entertainer.Work can search for Entertainers and if they feel like you have what they are looking for, they can send you a request for a quotation.

  • 4. Close the deal

    After communication with your potential new client, they can offer you the contract. Signing and payment will be arranged “offline” and the show can begin!

  • 1. Publish your gigs

    Simply select your entertainment category of choice, describe what you are looking for and post your gig on Entertainer.Work!

  • 2. Receive entertainment quotations

    Entertainers/Acts interested in your published gig will send your their quotation. You will be notified by email every time you receive a quote. If necessary, you can send a request for more details.

  • 3. Search for Entertainers/Acts

    By using the search criteria you can browse Entertainer.Work’s database, consisting of thousands of Entertainers, Performers, and Entertainment Acts with a variety of specialties. If you find an interesting profile, simply send them a booking enquiry to see if they would be interested in your gig! The availability of each Entertainer is shown on their profile.

  • 4. Award your contract

    Choose the Entertainer/Act that you are interested in and offer them a contract. Entertainer.Work will then generate a professional presentation of the Entertainer/Act with all the necessary information for you to share with your team/companions. Let the show begin!



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