The experience of a lifetime

If you, like I once was, are considering joining a musical ensemble on the Asian/Middle Eastern Hotel circuit, here are a few pointers to help you make a sound decision. But first, who am I and why should you read the information I'm about to provide you with?

My name is Jonathan, (aka JC) and I started touring back in 2005 and finished my last tour in 2012. I gave well over 2,000 shows with four different bands in over a dozen of countries. I was blessed to have the opportunity to share the stage with individuals who helped me shape, improve and perfect my skills as a singer, musician and all around entertainer, so much so that I eventually realized I had created somewhat of the gold standard of 'frontmanship'. I was looked up to by most and hated by some regardless I would leave my heart out there, on the stage, every single night. Ask anyone who knows me!!!

What to expect:

  • You will learn a lot.
  • You will work a lot, but it's all relative.
  • You will experience other cultures like you never have before.
  • You will meet tons of new people, some awesome, some ... well
  • Most importantly you will have the time of your life.
  • You are most likely to get addicted to the gigs and the lifestyle.


It varies from one venue to the next, but let me give you a breakdown of what is typically offered and arranged by employers and what the employer would expect of you:

First, let's talk about what the hotel/booking agent is usually responsible for:

  • Visas and working papers.
  • Plane tickets.
  • Transport from the airport to the hotel and back.
  • Food or housekeeping/laundry/Internet access.
  • Access to hotel amenities such as pool and gym.
  • Salary.
  • Extra luggage arrangements may differ from one venue to the next.

Now, let's go over what is usually expected from you as a performer:

  • Professionalism with the guests as well as with the hotel staff or anyone for that matter at all times, be it day or night.
  • To perform your stage and public relation duties as per indicated in you contract.
  • To be punctual every night.
  • To learn, rehearse and perform new songs each week.
  • To be respectful of the rooms or flats provided by the hotel.


Again this will differ from one venue to the next but most of the time you will be required to perform either:

  • 45 minutes or 1 hour sets.
  • 3 or 4 sets a night.
  • 6 nights a week.
  • Special events/performance may occur.

Still undecided?

If you're still unsure of whether to go through with this, think of it this way - fear of the unknown is absolutely normal, however if you have made a thorough effort to gather all of the required information to make a sound decision it will come to you in due time. Meanwhile don't let anyone, family, friends or agent make the decision for you. You must convince yourself through logical and rational thinking, as it is a pretty big move to make. Give yourself the chance and time to make the right decision and to feel good and excited about the challenge ahead. But if it doesn't feel right, maybe it's because this just isn't for you whatever the reasons might be.

Personal Experience:

As for me, the path that led me to want to pursue other goals had nothing to do with the life I had on tour, as I miss most of it to be perfectly honest. One thing will always be sure, I grew and evolved, learned and experienced on an unparalleled level for as long as I was touring. Money can buy many things, but it can't buy that.

The pros over shadow the cons all day, every day. Just to at any given moment be able to stop and realize how blessed you are to be half way around the world getting paid to do what you love more than anything is pretty darn amazing. And I don't know of anyone who would challenge this last sentence...


I truly hope this has been helpful to anyone considering altering the course of their life to reach new heights or perhaps insightful to the ones just curious to know what it is like to tour with Blast Productions.


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