Neven Supreme

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Neven Supreme

  • Act category: SINGER
  • Act sub-category: Female Singers ,
  • Act location: Bulgaria
  • Created on: 8th August 2018


I am jazz singer who perform as solo vocal , part of a jazzy acoustic (or with backing tracks) duo or bigger bands. Perfectly fits to lounge venues with smooth, jazzy and cozy atmosphere, place for relax, nice conversation and lovely live music around. More than 15 years of experience. Absolutely able to be with a concert conception and appearance on the stage if it is needed. As solo vocal - mainly lounge and smooth, easy listening; have lots of jazz standards and soft pop songs, most of them with chilling arrangements. Could be more party and dance for some particular events. As duo - voice and guitar truly jazzy and acoustic; many jazz standards on our song list (more than 250) and lots of arranged pop songs in additional. As duo we perform from 10 years but not constantly and always together.

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