J C Sum: Asia's International Illus

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J C Sum: Asia's International Illus

  • Act category: MAGIC & ILLUSION ACT
  • Act sub-category: Stage Illusionists ,
  • Act location: Singapore
  • Created on: 30th July 2018


My name is J C Sum and I am a headline illusionist from Singapore performing for corporate & special events, showrooms and US cruise liners for the Asia market (Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises).While I perform a large illusion show, I have a new special act/ show that you might be interested in for your events.The featured highlight from my new show is the iFRAME, an original illusion that combines technology, multimedia to create visual effects such as:• A smart phone magically appears from the frame• The smart phone transforms into a digital tablet• The smart phone shrinks to 1/4 its size• Money magically appears from within the frame• An artistic drawing magically changes colour• A stunning confetti snowstorm is created from nowhere

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J C Sum: Asia's International Illus


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